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Your Health Matters

I started Shelby The RD, LLC in February of 2020. At the time, I worked in an acute care hospital setting where I spent the majority of my time charting in medical records rather than talking face to face with patients. When I had the opportunity to spend more than five minutes with a patient, I enjoyed giving them the education needed to improve their health. Unfortunately, I saw time and time again that patients were readmitted with the same problems. I then decided to work with patients before they required hospitalization, and give them the ongoing support and accountability they need to make lifestyle changes long term.

As I started this business, I knew it was important to help my clients focus on realistic changes that are evidence-based. Because of this, I do not prescribe restrictive diets. The evidence shows that a focus on health, not weight, provides optimal outcomes. I understand that true physical health can not be obtained at the detriment of mental and emotional well being. Therefore, I focus on the whole individual and not weight or BMI. Everyone should be an active participant in their care, and at Shelby The RD, LLC, every client is given the opportunity to have a say in their treatment.

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